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“I had a wonderful experience at Harper PT, and the staff was fantastic. I have been to rehab previously, and I was very impressed with my therapists knowledge, and friendly environment. It was truly a great experience.”

“I was very nervous beginning therapy, but your staff made me feel very comfortable. Your professionalism, friendliness and, improvements definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank You, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Your pool is simply amazing. The indoor environment, heated water and current resistance allowed me to regain my knee mobility, and exercise without pain. I was supervised at how much more activity I was able to tolerate in the pool vs on land. Thanks.”

“I really like the explanations given on my condition, involved anatomy, and treatment progression. Your entire staff from the front office to the therapy assistants could not have been more pleasurable to work with.”

“I would like to thank you for my therapy experience. I was pleasantly surprised with your teams friendliness, and drive to help me progress through my rotator cuff surgery, and rehabilitation.”

“I was pleasantly surprised with your offices organization, friendliness, and willingness to assist me. My benefits were explained clearly, and the insurance process was truly painless. Thanks for taking care of everything.”

“I personally had a very good experience at HPT regarding my treatments and interactions with the front office staff. Your staff is very knowledgeable, and my treatment plan, home exercise program, and expected prognosis were explained very clearly.”

“I would like to thank your fine staff for my experience. Your treatments, expert guidance and support have allowed my to resume a lifestyle of activity which I have not tolerated for years due to my back pain. Thank you so much, my back pain is completely gone.”

“My experience was great. I was skeptical at first, not believing exercise and therapy treatments would help my back. I couldn’t have been more wrong- To date my back seems to be doing great. I am amazed with my success, and will continue exercises and stretches indefinitely. Thanks for your hard work, and not giving up on a stubborn client.”

“I can’t say enough about HPT. I was consistently greeted by your staff, my treatments were effective and I got the feeling your primary focus was my condition. I had considerable time with my therapist each session for manual treatments, questions, and education on my specific condition/ and home exercise activities.”

“Thanks for everything, your new facility is amazing. It’s great to see as state of the art facility here in Anthem. I will proudly promote your services to all of my friends and acquaintances.”

“Thanks, I couldn’t have achieved my goals without your hard work and coaching. You have a wonderful staff who made my rehabilitation program very pleasurable. I wasn’t sure I would be able to move again without pain following my accident, but after undergoing therapy I am pleasantly surprised at my progress and improved activity tolerance.”

“I had an exceptional therapy experience at Harper PT. I was very impresses with your friendliness, and everyone willingness to answer my questions. I intend to continue working out at the gym now that my pain is gone, and I am back to work. Thanks, I could not have done it without your help and motivation.”

“I can’t say enough good things about your facility and staff. Everyone I interacted with has been very helpful, and friendly. I will happily recommend your facility to anyone! Thanks for all of your support and efforts.”

“I had a wonderful experience at HPT and improved quicker than I expected following my surgery. My exercises and treatments were designed with my specific needs, and my program was adjusted each session based on my symptoms and concerns. Thanks for helping get back to golfing, It truly enjoyable playing again without pain.”

“Your new office is beautiful, the window views, interior design, and staff truly provided and optimal healing environment.”

“The swim ex pool is awesome, It couldn’t believe the workout I got working against the current, and utilizing the multiple depths. This was a great addition to your facility, and I will highly recommend your therapy and conditioning services to my fellow team mates.”

“I have been exposed to therapy before, and all I can say is wow. My expectations were definitely exceeded, and would never considering going anywhere else for therapy. Thank you for all of your efforts, your the best.”

“The staff exhibits a very welcome caring attitude. Your staff shows a genuine interest in each and every individual who comes in for therapy. That warm welcome and sincere interest are the traits I especially appreciated. There is always someone available to explain, answer and encourage each and every patient.”

“Excellent facility, efficient and personable staff. My program was very detailed and emphasized long term management of my disability. Thanks again…”

“You all do a great job! It was a pleasure coming to therapy each and every week. Thanks so much, I will recommend your facility any time I can.”