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We Specialize in Aquatic Therapy

A heated multi depth therapy pool
is very valuable for many patients

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Studies indicate one in
three adults may suffer
from balance or
dizziness problems

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Sports Conditioning & Training

We specialize in Personal Training
and Sports Conditioning for all ages


At Harper Physical Therapy our mission is to achieve exceptional functional based rehabilitation and performance enhancement while providing superior care to those whose lives are entrusted to us.

Physical Therapy

The combination of our physical therapists knowledge of exercise progression, manual therapy techniques, in conjunction with our state…

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Aquatic Therapy

A heated multi depth therapy pool is extremely valuable for many patient populations. This Swim EX rehabilitation pool has many attributes…

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Balance Center

At Harper Physical Therapy we recognize how dysfunctional balance and dizziness issues can be. We designed this balance program to safely…

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Harper Physical Therapy offers retail items for sale onsite. This is a benefit to our patients so they can purchase the same supplies we use in the clinic…

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Personal Training

personaltrainingPersonal Training

Personal training and sports specific conditioning are specifically designed to meet the needs of amateur/professional athletes, high school/ adolescent athletes, endurance cyclists/runners and your weekend warriors.

While different sports require different physical demands, the principles of aerobic conditioning, core stabilization, strength, balance, speed and coordination training will improve your overall athleticism. This improved athleticism combined with sport specific training activities will allow all individuals to excel in their individual sport and or hobbies.

Sports Conditioning

sporsSports Conditioning

A detailed evaluation will be performed by a licensed physical therapist focused on identifying your current physical status, any physiological impairments including limited flexibility, muscle weakness, joint limitations, and impaired balance or coordination. These impairments and limitations will be specifically addressed within your personalized exercise regimen.

Conditioning programs vary depending on your personal goals, financial concerns, and available time commitments. Nutritional coaching and independent exercise/activity will be addressed for optimal results between training sessions.


massagMassage Services

Utilizes hands on techniques for relation of tension improved soft tissue ability, trigger points, and spasms. Massage has many physiological and mental benefits including stress relief, reduced levels of anxiety, reduces blood pressure and more. Call Harper Physical Therapy today for more information!

Rates – 60 Minutes – $65.00

Massage is scheduled by appointment only, please call 623-742-7338.


Foot & Ankle Orthotics

Orthotics are orthopedic devices designed to treat or adjust various biomechanical foot disorders. Orthotics can be commercially made devices, such as cushioned heel cups, insoles for shoes or custom-tailored devices specifically designed to meet the needs of a particular individual.

If you are interested in learning more about orthotics or determining if your insurance benefits will cover orthotics please call our office at 623-742-7338.

We do offer private payment discounts and payment plans if needed.

Health Memberships

fit-bodyFacility Gym and Aquatic fee

$50.00 per month

Harper Physical Therapy is proud to offer membership programs to the public for continued independent exercise following discharge from physical therapy or assistance with developing and implementing a fitness regimen for your overall health and well being.

Facility fees are established on a month-to-month basis and may be cancelled at anytime with 30 days written notification.

Ty and Deborah Harper – Owners

Harper Physical Therapy has been serving the North Valley since 2002. We expanded to a larger facility with an indoor heated current producing pool in November 2008. This outpatient aquatics wellness facility provides an elegant environment for land and water based rehabilitation.

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