We pride ourselves on our commitment to our patients


Will Harper Physical Therapy stay in contact with my health care provider?

Harper Physical Therapy recognizes that open, honest communication among the members of your health care team (you, your therapist, your health care provider, etc.) is essential to making your rehabilitation experience a success. As a result, the physical therapist will send your health care provider a complete written report that includes the findings of the initial evaluation, the assessment of the injury, and a detailed description of the treatment plan.

The physical therapist will continue to update your health care provider with written progress reports each time you are re-evaluated and before each follow-up appointment (so it’s important to let your therapist know if you have an upcoming appointment with your health care provider).

Additionally, the therapist will not hesitate to contact your provider by phone if he/she has a specific concern or question. At the end of your treatment, the physical therapist will send a final report to your health care provider with information regarding your status at the time of discharge from physical therapy.

Are there programs available following completion of physical therapy?

Once you are a patient of Harper Physical Therapy, you and your family have extended resources including  family members regarding future injuries,  free phone consultations, assistance with physician referrals, and wellness programs including gym memberships/ pool memberships and assistance with progression of independent home or gym exercise programs.

We are partners in your recovery so even after discharge call us and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions or needs that you may have.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Call Harper Physical Therapy at 623-742-7338

Please have your prescription and insurance card available when you call. This will allow us to verify your insurance benefits and provide you with an estimate of coverage.

Appointments are available M-W-F 7 am to 7 pm and T-Th 7 am to 5 pm
* Inquire for private payment options and discounts.

Do I need a referral or a prescription for physical therapy?

Direct Access is your ability to seek physical therapy services from a licensed physical therapist as you feel necessary without a referral from your physician.

Arizona is a direct access state allowing you to choose your physical therapy provider, and initiate physical therapy services independently without being evaluated or referred directly from your physician.

The majority of insurance carriers and PPO’s will reimburse for physical therapy services under direct access. However, some insurance carriers and HMO’s may require a physician’s referral/prescription for reimbursement of physical therapy services.

At Harper Physical Therapy, our friendly office staff will be happy to verify your specific insurance benefits and assist you with obtaining physician referrals if necessary.

If you are concerned or have questions regarding your insurance benefits please do not hesitate to call our office at 623-742-7338 and let our friendly staff assist you.

What do physical therapists do?

Physical therapists are experts in restoring movement and function. After examining patients, therapists create comprehensive programs focused on total body care, injury prevention, and a safe transition back into work, life or sports activities. Depending on the needs of a particular patient, physical therapists may stretch tight muscles, mobilize a joint, provide soft tissue work to a muscle or perform corrective exercise to restore normal movement patterns and function. In addition to these hands on techniques, physical therapists educate patients on preventing future injury and performing home exercise/maintenance  programs.

Harper Physical Therapy’s  has a Patients First philosophy that is applied to all aspects of our operations.

At Harper Physical Therapy our mission is to ensure cost effective outcomes through functional based rehabilitation and performance enhancement while providing superior care to those whose lives are entrusted to us.

What does this mean exactly?

  • We ensure that YOU will have access to information you need to make the best health care choices for you and your family.
  • We listen attentively to YOUR needs, while calming any worries or uncertainties.
  • We understand that life is difficult after an injury, and will provide YOU exceptional support for the daily challenges involved during recovery.
  • We promise open, honest communication with YOU and other members of your health care team.
  • We inform and educate YOU about treatment options and the course of care.
  • We make decisions based on the best interests of YOU and your family. And we involve YOU in these decisions.
  • We are focused on improving YOUR health, YOUR well-being and, most of all, YOUR quality of life.
What activities do I do between therapy sessions?

You will work closely with your physical therapist to assess the demands of your daily activities, work responsibilities or possible factors contributing to your injury. Specific recommendations for activity modification will be addressed by your therapist, and a formal home exercise program will be developed for you to maximize your benefits between sessions.

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a profession focused on restoring movement, and functional independence which may have been adversely effected by injuries, aging, disease, or environmental factors. Our goals are to relieve your pain, and restore functional movement through a variety of treatments including manual therapy, passive modalities, and individualized exercise programs. You will work closely with your therapist to establish your specific goals and monitor your progress through periodic reassessment and/ or measurements.

What do I wear to physical therapy?

Comfortable attire you are able to exercise in. Effected area may need to be exposed during manual therapy and modalities. Treatment gowns are available if needed for your convenience.

How long will my appointment last?

A typical physical therapy session will last 1 – 2 hours depending on the scope of your injuries and treatment goals you have established with your therapist.