Benefits of Aquatics

Utilizing aquatics for physical rehabilitation and exercise programs offers numerous benefits as the warm water decreases pain, muscle guarding, tension and anxiety.  Aquatic physical therapy can prevent de-conditioning, greatly decrease physical therapy time, as well as, treat the injury. Often traditional physical therapy is delayed because patients are not able to bear full weight on their involved extremity. The utilization of aquatic therapy enables the therapist to initiate rehabilitation at a much earlier stage.  Aquatic therapy is ideal for patients in acute or chronic pain, restricted by weight bearing precautions as well as athletes, and patients needing progressive strengthening, or recovering from back and neck injuries, orthopedic surgeries, arthritic conditions, respiratory conditions and generalized aches and sprains.

The special properties of water include buoyancy, support, and progressive resistance. Aquatic therapy enhances exercise, and provides a safe environment for progressive rehabilitation, and conditioning. Specific benefits of aquatics include buoyancy (up to 90% of your body weight is removed ), reduction in pain, muscle guarding, increased range of motion, relaxation, increased circulation with heated pool,  decreased swelling from the pools pressure, and progressive strengthening produced by the water a large current producing paddle wheel.  Using aquatics in conjunction with physical therapy, wellness programs and high velocity is ideal for building muscle endurance, strength, cardiovascular health, coordination/ balance, and endurance without the risk of injuries or trauma to joints. Harper Physical Therapy has been located in Anthem since 2002 and has an indoor heated current producing pool. Our outpatient aquatics wellness facility will provide and elegant environment for land, and water based rehabilitation. We specialize in orthopedic rehabilitation as well as general aches and pains, arthritic conditions, neurological disorders, back/ neck pain, all muscle/ joint disorders and work related injuries. Harper Physical Therapy also offers land and pool memberships for generalized wellness and conditioning.

Harper Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing exceptional physical therapy services to our community through manual and hands on therapy, a friendly and flexible staff, and state of the art equipment. Our mission is to facilitate healing on many levels through manual therapy, physical training, and education. Our goal is to restore each individual to his or her maximal ability level.


If you are interested in more information on Harper Physical Therapy or aquatic physical therapy, please feel free to contact our office at 623-742-7338.

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